"Sharon's high energy and creative choreography made this acro-dance class a personal indulgence I never wanted to miss. A fusion of classic, modern, Latin, and belly dance as well as acrobatics and yin yoga, her engaging personality and comedic style lead us through a great workout full of laughter and joy. Sharon wanted to pay forward the inspiration she received in her youth at a community fitness facility and this class successfully sparked further motivation in movement for multiple students as they have continued and expanded upon what Sharon's class taught." ~Julie Gound~

"I worked with Sharon after I had my first baby in 2010. I really wanted to get back in shape, but my abs were not cooperating at all. I did 1 on 1 pilates with Sharon once a week, and I saw results immediately. Not only my abs, but all my muscles became really defined through her training. It's hard work but Sharon made me laugh so much that it distracted from the intensity of some of the positions she got me in. I've since moved away from Boston, but totally recommend Sharon to anyone looking for a boost in their muscle tone/ fitness/ sense of humor." ~Sarah Vose~

"I had a Thai massage today with Sharon: I have had Thai massages all over the world and hers was one of the best I have ever had! I want to thank her again for a wonderful treatment - her blood stopping techniques were amazing. If I ever come back to Boston I will see her immediately, but next time, I won't settle for just an hour though!" ~Brian Harney~

"Sharon is a fantastic teacher of movement- she is a master in her field and is adept in a number of modalities including her awesome work in Pilates! I highly recommend Sharon as a trainer and feel that she is honest and caring as well as very effective and one of the best teachers in the Boston area!"~Julie Erickson~

"I have been taking pilates for over 2 years and before that I was working out with a personal trainer for a few years. I have the mentality that if someone isn't there to motivate me then I will not work out. I have a personal gym at home that I never use. I started working with Sharon over a year ago and she is awesome. She has a great personality and makes working out fun. I have done private pilates sessions, group strength training and dance with her. The sessions always fly by. She keeps you motivated by joking, singing, dancing and just enjoying herself which of course rubs off on everyone. Can you remember that last time you smiled and laughed during a workout? You will every time with Sharon. She is very knowledgeable and likes to try different types of exercise to keep you motivated to stay with a workout routine. Her classes combine cardio, strength training, and flexibility. I recommend her to all my friends, family and acquaintances." ~Crystal Long~

"Working out with Sharon combines the best in Pilates instruction with a comedic act. I've never laughed so hard than during some of my sessions with her, only to walk (slowly) out of her studio nearly shaking from all the hard work. She's so engaging I never realize how hard I'm working my body. "I am a rather timid person, and to me, my first glance at Pilates equipment reminded me of torture and made me want to run screaming from the building! For those not yet familiar (because you should be) with the dreaded Reformer, it has pulleys, bars, straps--very intimidating at first. By far the worst aspect are these fuzzy straps you're supposed to put your feet in as you lean backwards over an open "well," engaging your abdominals as never before. I have strong abs, but couldn't conquer that stupid well--it was just too scary--until I met Sharon. With laughter, compassion, kindness and obvious experience working with all kinds of clients, be they in shape, out of shape or just plain afraid of everything like me, Sharon got me to hang over that well like a pro. At BodyMindPilates, you will not only get into the best shape of your life, you'll feel empowered and have a great time doing it. Great results plus the best in entertainment; I live a little too far from her now to work out with her and truly miss it." ~Allison Mulligan~

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